Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Starting our work as Phenologists...
             But first we had to figure out what Phenologists are! We found out that word phenology comes from the Greek words "pheno" which means "to appear" and "logos" which means to study.  So we will be observing what "appears" in nature, but we also thought we would we would be observing what "DISappears" as we observe the cycles and changes in nature. So we started practicing our observation skills by using our senses to observe coniferous and deciduous trees.  We also took in other elements of the environment.  Here are some samples!

First day of the 2017-2018 School Year!
     How fun it was to meet our classmates and start getting acquainted with what 3rd grade is all about!  One activity we did was to create something that symbolized something about ourselves out of Playdough.  But first we had to go "Playdough shopping" as everyone had onlyone color.  We all "shopped around" and by cooperating, were able to get the colors we needed.  Take a look at our creations!

Welcome Third Graders!  
Let's Light Up 3rd Grade!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Goodbye to our beloved Mrs. Fifield! 
     We have so appreciated your energy, your great sense of humor, your laughter, your smile, your creativity, your warmth, and all the incredible lessons you planned to teach us all about health and fitness. Your lessons will live with us all of our lives!  We will never forget you!

Thank you Mrs. Fifield!  We will miss you!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Minnesota Map Cookie!
     3H students studied different Minnesota maps this year.  They then populated a paper map with various tourist locations, lakes, rivers, biomes, forests, and reservations.  Students then selected some of those components, and made a map key with their group. They then worked carefully to shape our state out of cookie dough. From there, they populated their map with the locations they choose. Then...the final test!  Could they identify all the places they put on their map????  If so, they enjoyed a delicious treat.  If not...bye-bye cookie!  What happened?!?!?


Track and Field Day!
     This year the Breck's track and field day theme was Minnesota Lakes.  Our class was assigned Lake Calhoun.  3H students wanted to recognize the original native name the lake was given.  They made signs to identify the lake as Bde Maka Ska.  The weather fortunately cooperated, and we had a wonderful event!