Saturday, March 4, 2017

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Mrs. Korrigan arranged for us to see some outstanding pieces of art at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  The pieces we observed and learned about from the docent connected with what the students were studying and creating in her classroom.  The docent was nice enough to stop at my favorite piece as well. 
It was created by the MN artist George Morrison.  The docent told us he liked to "paint with wood." This piece was created with different pieces of wood that he found in northern MN, on the shores of Lake Superior, as well as pieces friends found and sent to him. He fit them together without altering any of them with Elmer's Glue!  There is a signature horizon line on this piece, as on other creations he has done.    

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Family Service Opportunity:

 On Sunday, March 5 Breck School is hosting, preparing and serving the Sunday meal at First Nations Kitchen. First Nations’ Kitchen is a ministry of All Saints’ Episcopal Indian Mission in Minneapolis and has been serving healthy, organic, traditional indigenous food in a welcoming, family environment every Sunday evening since November 2, 2008.  While all are welcome at the table, FNK serves primarily indigenous people in the Twin Cities, particularly residents of nearby Little Earth of the United Tribes, the largest indigenous urban housing community in the U.S.

The commitment is roughly two hours on Sunday, March 5.  There are different jobs taking place at different times during the day.  We will work with your family to find a job/time slot that works.  This is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our community through direct service.

Upper School parent Michael Florey is coordinating the effort.  If you are interested in helping, please let Michael know by email ( or by phone (612-532-1378).   

Monday, February 20, 2017

A Bartering We Did!
     The third grade students tried their hand at bartering after learning about Voyageur presence and influence in Minnesota history.  3H students also read informational text about one Minnesota Voyageur named George Bonga who was of African American and Ojibwe descent.  They created concept maps of facts, then paragraphs in beautiful cursive describing George Bonga.  

Mrs. Turner turned us onto Multiplication!
     Mrs. Turner was a guest teacher in our classroom.  She is our math consultant for our Singapore math series, and kicked us off into our multiplication and division unit using some unifix cubes and making equal groups.  We continue to learn our fact families as we memorize our basic facts and realize the inverse relationship of them.  

We Miss you Miss Kim!

     Our Korean guest teacher, Miss Kim, graced our classroom for two weeks earlier this month.  It was such a privilege getting to know her and learn about her home and culture.  She also taught us some Korean words, and introduced us to Korean currency.  Miss Kim also helped us create the Korean wallets to house our Korean money.  We really enjoyed getting to know her and having in her in our classroom.  We miss you Miss Kim!  Come back and visit!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Last day for Box Top turn in!  February 14th!  Send them in!  
They go to support Breck's Philanthropy program.  
Thank you for your support.