Thursday, May 17, 2018

Book Buddies! 
     3H students got together with their preschool buddies for some reading time in the library.  Together, they choose some great books and had a great time with each other.  

We Know Our Neurons!
    3H students took their neuron knowledge on the Upper School! 3H student collaborated with Dr. Pellant's students to create some neurons, then a neuron network.  Students used a variety of materials to represent the different parts of a neuron.  They then put all the neurons together to create some synapses and a network of communication.  Dr. Pellant then showed us a slug study that revealed the role of neurons in learning and communicating in the brain.  Fascinating!  


Gel Snack Challenge!
Junmo had the great idea of having a Gel Snack Challenge!  Students used their gel snacks to create a sculpture of some kind.  The creativity was impressive!  Students voted, and Katie Z.'s owl won!  Here are all the entries:

Friday, May 4, 2018

Whooooo wants to dissect an owl pellet?
We Do!
3H students furthered their owl investigation by dissecting Barn Owl pellets.  They discovered why and how owls produce pellets.

They then took to the task of opening up their pellet and identifying what the owl does NOT digest.  Students found bones, hair, and teeth of moles, voles, rats and mice.  We also discovered that our skeleton system contains the same types of bones those little rodents have!  Skulls, jaws, scapulas, ribs, femurs...we have them too!  

Below students displayed the "best bone" they found in their pellet!