Monday, November 13, 2017

3H students investigated the purpose of weather vanes and not only discovered why we use them, but HOW to use them.  What does the pointing arrow indicate?  The direction the wind is coming from, or where it is going?  3H students designed their own weather vanes, then tested them with a wind source to verify they work.  Here is a sneak peek:

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Learning Pit

   3H students spent some time learning about learning!  We used a visual representation of our learning journeys called The Learning Pit.  This pit exemplified how learning is often difficult at first, and there are walls and other things that hinder our progress, but with a growth mindset, positive self talk, commitment, resiliency, analyzing errors, using different strategies, and strong effort....we CAN do it!  Understanding the stages of learning helps to know feeling frustrated and needing patience during learning is perfectly normal....and eventually we will reach the other side of learning.  Eureka!  Students made their own versions of the learning pit as well. 

Veterans Day-Operation Gratitude

3H students honored Veterans by taking part in Operation Gratitude.  Each student wrote a letter which will be given to a veteran.  Students expressed their gratitude to the veterans for serving and protecting our country and making it a safe and good place to live.  They also asked good questions which we hope will be answered by the veterans....fingers crossed! 

The Edmund Fitzgerald
  3H students recognized the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  They heard the story of the ship sinking, listened to the song written about it by Gordon Lightfoot, and saw footage of its maiden voyage, and divers viewing it on the bottom of Lake Superior.  Students then tried their hand at drawing the large ship.  

Reading Coaches!
     3H students took their comprehension strategies and put them into action with their Buddies.  Third graders asked questions, predicted, analyzed illustrations, talked vocabulary words, and sounded out words with their buddies.  They can't wait to see their buddies again and read together! 

Happy Halloween!
Fort Snelling
   Third Grade students ventured to Fort Snelling to learn about Minnesota history.  They toured the fort, then went down below to learn about the internment camp that was once there, and the importance of the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers to the Dakota.