Thursday, March 8, 2018

We JUMPED beyond our goal!
     Third and fourth grade students had a goal of raising $700 for the American Heart Association.  They EXCEEDED their goal and raised $10,355.00!  For the first time ever, the third and fourth grade students will be celebrating by going on a field trip the Ninja Warrior course!  Because of our efforts, we will also be receiving certificates from US Games for pe equipment.  What a success!  Thanks to all students, families, and contributors for making it happen! 

Click below for action shots of the jump roping students!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Activate your Eagle Eyes! 
Third grade students have been close observers of the Minnesota DNR's eagle pair.  The livestream Eaglecam is allowing us to watch how they care for the three eggs in the nest.  Check out the site at night as well.  There are some interesting things going on in the nest in the dark!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Boldly Biddying! 
     Since January, 3H students have been participating in service as biddies.  Every other day, third grade students biddy the Preschool and Kindergarten students.  Biddying responsibilities include:  pouring drinks, serving food, cutting up food, demonstrating good table manors, encouraging healthy eating, cleaning up, bussing dishes, 
wiping tables, and being good role models.  It is a complex job that requires managing time, students, food distribution, and clean up, and oh yes!....they have to find time to eat themselves as well!  

           Students were in rapture with the raptors!
      The Raptor Center landed in the Media Center!  How exciting for the third grade students!  They learned about what makes raptors unique and what special characteristics help them survive like that hooked beak, sharp talons, and a third eyelid.  Students learned what is unique about their bones, and how owls are able to fly silently.  We saw an American Kestrel, a Bald Eagle, a Great Horned Owl, and a Peregrine Falcon.  What beautiful birds! 

We loved having Miss Moon join our third grade family!

   We decided Miss Moon needs to come back and visit soon....or we will go on a field trip to Seoul, Korea to visit her! We so enjoyed learning about Miss Moon, her culture, and Korea.  She taught us how to write our name in Korean, and say some simple phrases.  We also learned about traditional and modern hanbok.  We even got to decorate and design our own patterns!  It was so interesting to learn about the history of paper making in Korea which made us really appreciate the special paper we used to do some origami.  We made a good luck pouch. Our time with Miss Moon went much too quickly, but we are grateful for the time we had with her.  Thank you Miss Moon!  Come back soon! 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Voyageur Day! 
Third grade students dressed up like voyageurs and rotated through stations to learn more about life and times of voyageurs in early Minnesota.  They created a Montreal canoe, sang some French songs, learned about trading animal pelts, learned about their life style and travel, and tried their hand at bartering. Did they have a good time in the process?  Oui! Oui! 


The 3H canoe brigade!

                                             Voyageurs at recess!