Saturday, September 5, 2015

Greetings 3H Families! 

Welcome to Third Grade! 

The "3H Brainiacs" had a great first week start to our third grade year!  Students got organized and started learning some of the systems and procedures we will be using in the classroom. They enthusiastically already started using their assignment logs and reading calendars. Go students! In the classroom, 3Hers also participated in some activities that helped them learn get to know and make connections with each other.  

We also started our year long focus on the brain.  Because of all or our advancements in technology, neuroscientists and cognitive scientists are able to extract more information from brain imaging about our learning, memory, focus, and processing.  3H students will be getting to know about how the brain works, what we can do to keep it healthy, and best strategies for learning, memory, and focus.  
With this understanding, I hope they will feel empowered to intentionally put these strategies into action and be the best learners they can be!  We started by identifying what we already know about the brain in our Brain Books. Students also practiced some "getting ready" techniques to prime our bodies and minds to do their best before a task.  Ms. Heurong will also be joining us on a weekly basis to practice some Mindfullness techniques that will help us focus, be present, and self regulate.

Yesterday, we watched about the "math brain."  Basically we learned that often people are thought of as a "math person" or not a "math person".  The video helped us understand that you aren't born having  a "math brain" or not.  It's the experiences and practice you do that creates a "math brain." Everyone can create one!

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