Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yip, Yipee!
Poets are We!

Poet Study:  Jack Prelutsky

After memorizing, listening to, analyzing, and signing some of Jack Preulutsky’s poems, we discovered some 
elements of his poetry:

    -They have rhythm
            -Many have a rhyming pattern ABCB ABCB
    - Many of them have humor
      -They usually have a TWIST at the end!

    We were inspired to write some poetry like Jack Prelutsky.  Here is our first one we wrote together as a class poem using Mr. Prelutsky’s poetry style:

By 3H Brainiacs

Everyone has a brain,
It’s inside your head,
It is squishy and gooey,
Without it, we would be dead!

So if everyone has a brain,
And should use it to learn and think,
Then maybe confused Fred should check, 
If his brain has a kink!
Here are the 3H Brainiacs with verbal and sign recitations for their Jack Prelutsky September poem !  

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