Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Minnesota Moose! 
3H students, along with their Preschool Buddies in Mrs. Rogers room, enjoyed studying the Minnesota Moose this year together. During our research, we discovered how our moose population is declining and we wondered why.  So we invited Ms. Dexter in from the Minnesota DNR.  She works on the Minnesota Moose project and explained to us what was happening.  We decided to spread the word and get everyone us on board to become aware of what was happening with our moose, and also get everyone involved.  So we made moose hats and decided to share our knowledge at Community Meeting.  In our moose hats, we explained why the moose are doing so poorly in Minnesota. Then we invited students to bring in "Change for Change."  We wanted to be able to donate something to the moose project so they could keep working to find out what harming with the moose.  So we went from room to room in a moose hat and the moose bucket collecting change. People were VERY generous!  I guess they want to help save our Minnesota Moose!  So we are STILL counting all the money! We'll let you know how much we collected for the MN Moose Project.     

Thanks Everybody!

Click below if you would like to see:  

1.  The Powerpoint that we showed at Community Meeting

2.  A piece Ms. Roger's daughter, Angela put together for the news station that she works for.  It's very well done!

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