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Breck Moodle Sight with 3rd Grade Links
3rd grade Breck School Links click here

1.  IXL click here
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2.  Ken Kens click here 

3.  Math Playground click here

4.   Online Matrix Logic Problems click here

5.  Thinking Blocks Click Here

6.  Multiplication Games Website Click Here

7.  A Plus Click - Click Here

7.  Multiplication Card Games:

  A.  Rio This game is played in groups of three. Each group needs 10 tiles, 15 chips, and a 10-sided number cube with the digits 1-10 on it. Students work on one multiplication table at a time.  So if they are working on 3’s, they write the products for the 3 times table (3,6,9,..) on the tiles.  The tiles are then mixed up and placed in the middle of the table. The first player rolls the cube and puts his or her chip on tile with the product of that number and the table they are working on.  The second player then does the same. If a player rolls a number and there is already a chip on the product, he or she must take that chip. The winner is the first person to get rid of all of their chips.

B. Salute. In this game, students are given a deck of cards and placed in groups of three. One student is the dealer and hands out a card to the two other players. Without looking at the card, the two students say “Salute!” and put the card on their forehead. The dealer, who can see both cards, says the product and each player (who can only see what the other person has) tries to guess what card is on his/her head. The player who guesses correctly first wins both cards.
C. Multiplication War:  This game is a modified version of the game War. A deck of cards is split between two players and each flips over the top card at the same time. The student who says the correct product of the two numbers first wins both cards.
D.  Multiplication Card Games Click Here

Reading Comprehension
1.  Mr. Nussbaum

Wordmasters: online practice sites

1.  -First word list: 
2.   -Second word list 2017-2018:

3.  -Third word list spring, 2018  (with visuals)

Other Analogy Practice:

1.  Spelling City Analogy Practice

2.  Quia Analogy Practice

3.  Learning Games Analogy Practice

4.  Soft Schools Analogy Practice


1.  Dancemat Typing click here


1.  Sort 44 contractions Quizlet Practice

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